MaiWa Cynthia Sitei is a documentary photographer from Kenya and the United Kingdom, focused on personal projects surrounding life and wellbeing in South Korea. She begun her photography journey in 2017 while pursuing her Masters in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales which she graduated as a Master of Arts in 2019. Her first project Wundanyi was about stigma and stereotypes around rape and explored the need and importance of rape being a household conversation.

MaiWa received a grant from FORWARD UK in 2017 for her photo-series addressing rape and defilement in Wundanyi, Kenya and in 2018 she was awarded the Reginald Salisbury Travel Award for the same project which she interviewed and documented young adults and children who had been raped and defiled.

MaiWa is currently based in the South Korea, Incheon. 

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